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Barge No. 295 Completes Major Overhaul

Bouchard Barge No. 295 (“B. No. 295”) has ended its shipyard period after completing a major overhaul.

Approximately 90% of the B. No. 295’s main deck plate has been replaced, freshly painted, and triple-coated. New internal coatings have been applied, along with the installation of new anodes on the hull and in the ballast tanks to protect the hull for many more years of service.

Cargo and ballast pumps, and the thermal oil cargo heating system has been entirely overhauled, and the hose-handling cranes have been rebuilt. Additionally, the deck and navigation lighting, and electrical cabling have been renewed.

The B. No. 295 is equipped with all new hoses, lines, emergency response equipment, and a new gas detection system in the void spaces which provides early detection capability. A new anchor chain has also been installed, with an overhauled winch.

Bouchard Barge No. 295 was originally built in 2006, measures 468 feet by 85.6 feet by 38 feet, has a 158,000 barrel capacity, and is used to transport black oil throughout the Jones Act market. Paired with the ATB tug M/V Bouchard Girls, the B. No. 295 is officially fit for immediate service.

“Our Safety First philosophy remains at the forefront of our operation, and continues to be reinforced as we invest our profits into optimally enhancing and modernizing our fleet. The B. No. 295 has been updated with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in order to provide the safest work environment for our crew and the most efficient service for our customers. We are committed to ensuring that our fleet is always operating above industry standards and regulations, and we will continue to work toward updating and maintaining every vessel in our fleet accordingly,” said Morton S. Bouchard III, President & CEO of Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc.

Pictured above: M/V Bouchard Girls & B. No. 295

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