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petroleum barge company

The Nation’s Largest Independently-Owned Ocean-Going Petroleum Barge Company.

Bouchard’s fleet consists of 25 barges and 26 tugs, with services operating throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

All barges are double-hulled, and all vessels include topline equipment and fuel-efficient technologies that exceed industry standards. Our fleet is faster, larger, and better equipped than ever before, and our investment to expand in ATBs has increased fuel-efficiency, capacity, and speed.

The measures we have taken to construct vessels with state-of-the-art equipment and fuel-efficient technologies not only exceeds industry standards, but acts as an efficient transporter for our customers, as well as a comfortable, reliable, and safe fleet for our crew.

bouchard transportation

A Commitment You can Count On.

Since our incorporation in 1918, progressive thinking and a strong commitment to service and safety has fostered Bouchard’s continued growth and greater recognition.

Our expansion continues to be driven by our founding fathers and four generations of Bouchard’s philosophy of investing our profits in new, modern equipment to service our customers in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner possible.

As we celebrate a century of service, we look toward the future with further progress and adaptation in mind. However, the following priorities will always remain constant – our commitment to our customers, safety, and a strong corporate identity founded on a rich heritage of barging experience and family pride that has lasted over 100 years.

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