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The past two years Bouchard has confronted tests the likes of which it has not faced in 100 years of history. Today’s Sector NY/NJ Captain of the Port Order on just eight of our fifty one units is a further financial hurdle. Financial struggles are trial enough, but they are worse when they affect or worry our employees. We are working with financial and technical advisers to address the challenges at every level of our business. Our employees, those who have been with us for years, those new to us in this moment of extreme duress are vital, and their forbearance, more than we have a right to ask for. Today’s COTP Order does not change our focus. Please know that we are working everyday with clients, creditors, and the authorities to put our house aright.  We have a financial plan and a clear understanding of and commitment to all those who work with, support, or rely upon us. Thank you for the opportunity to address your important and painful question.

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