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Letter of Gratitude from Cadet

Dear Mr. Bouchard:

I am writing to you to thank you for the honor of awarding me the Bouchard Scholarship. Currently I am a senior cadet at SUNY Maritime and the Chief Cadet Officer on the training ship. In January I earned my Coast Guard License achieving the third highest score for SUNY Maritime cadets. During the past three years, I have gained experience volunteering and working as a Cadet Observer with McAllister, K-Sea, Crowley and Kirby. Now I’m anxious to graduate and start a career in the towing industry.

I’m sorry that I have not written this letter ofgratitude to you sooner, but I was told that you would personally make the presentation. Only recently, when I reviewed and questioned the financial department about my student account, did it become aware that the award had been deposited into my account. Since I have been very busy with studying for my deck license exam as well as my position as chief cadet officer on the school ship this was missed. I regret not noticing the deposit earlier, thank you very much.

Your generous award has helped relieve the financial burden of the cost of my education and has been a great moral booster. Your scholarship has helped my family and myself out a great deal, after our devastating house fire. With your support, my goal of earning a Coast Guard license and soon a college degree will soon be accomplished. Once again, I thank you for all that you have done for me and apologize for the delay of this letter to you. You have made such a difference in my education.

I look forward to the chance of meeting you and thanking you in person.


Cadet Nicholas Valavanis 1/C

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