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Morton S. Bouchard Jr. Memorial Scholarship

SUNY Maritime College
Fall 2017 Scholarship Award Recipients

Supporting education is one of our most valued endeavors, which has lead us to form the Morton S. Bouchard Jr. Memorial Scholarship, and build strong relationships with many Maritime Colleges and Universities.

The Morton S. Bouchard Jr. Memorial Scholarship is named after Bouchard’s former President & CEO, Mr. Morton S. Bouchard Jr., who is current President & CEO, Morton S. Bouchard III’s, father.

The scholarship is in memory of Mort Bouchard Jr.’s passion for the Maritime Industry, and his belief to always give back and support others.

The scholarship is awarded each year to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing
  • Pursuit of deck license and a TOAR
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Demonstrated interest in pursuing a career aboard tugboats and/or petroleum barges
During the Fall 2017 semester, SUNY Maritime College awarded this scholarship to four (4) deserving students.  With different interests and career goals in mind, each student will utilize the scholarship to propel their future as a successful Merchant Mariner.
Congratulations to the following SUNY Maritime Cadets, on this well-deserved scholarship award:
Andrea Mitchell ’21
Andrea is a 1st class cadet at SUNY Maritime College from Pine Bush, NY. Andrea is studying Marine Transportation and pursuing a Deck License.  Andrea is a student athlete and a member of the women’s lacrosse team.  She is also President of the Sister’s Taking Action for Recruitment Club (STAR), and works as an English and Humanities tutor.  After graduation, Andrea hopes to work in the Maritime industry and potentially pursue her master’s degree.
Edmund Jaskowiak ‘21

Edmund is currently a 1st class cadet at Maritime from East Rockaway, NY.  Edmund is studying Marine Tech Small Vessel Operations and pursuing a Limited License. Outside of the classroom, Edmund is a member of the Eagle Fraternity and the St. Raymond Youth group.  Edmund hopes to work aboard a tug, and one day become Captain of a vessel.

Don Hegermiller ’18

Don is majoring in Marine Technology Small Vessels Operations and pursuing his Deck Licence at SUNY Maritime.  He is currently a 4th class cadet.  Done comes to Maritime College from Norwalk, CT and he enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee during his spare time.  Don is looking forward to pursuing a career in the Maritime Industry one day.

Scott Herstick “18

Scott is an out-of-state student from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a 1st class cadet, Scott is studying Marine Transportation and pursuing a Deck License. During his time at Maritime, Scott has had the opportunity to cadet ship with Kirby Offshore, and Buchanan Marine. In his free time, Scott enjoys rugby, surfing, and working on computers.

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