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New Construction of ATB Unit M/V Evening Breeze & B. No. 252

Evening Star

We are pleased to announce the new construction of ATB Unit M/V Evening Breeze and Barge B. No. 252, which adds to our fleet expansion plan that began in 2012.

The M/V Evening Breeze is being constructed by VT Halter Marine, Inc., and is the sister vessel to ATB tugs M/V Denise A. Bouchard and M/V Evening Star.  The Evening Breeze will be 4,000hp meeting U.S. EPA-Tier 4 requirements, measuring 112 feet by 35 feet by 17 feet, and equipped with an Intercon Coupler System.  Robert Socha, Senior Vice President at VT Halter Marine stated,

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to build another quality vessel for Bouchard Transportation.  Our companies have repeatedly teamed on projects going back to the 1970’s, and we are excited to continue our relationship with the building of this ATB Tug at our Pascagoula, Mississippi facility.”
The B. No. 252 is being constructed by Bollinger Shipyards, is the sister vessel to the B. No. 250, measuring 317’6 feet by 70 feet by 28 feet.  The B. No. 252 will have a 55,000 barrel capacity, and be utilized to transport liquid petroleum products throughout the Jones Act Market.  Bollinger Shipyard’s President and CEO, Ben Bordelon said,

“Bollinger is proud to be a part of Bouchard’s fleet expansion plan with the B. No. 252.  The Bollinger and Bouchard families have a long tradition of working together, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue this tradition.”Mr. Hank Stewart has been awarded the responsibility to oversee the construction project through vessel completion as Bouchard’s Manager of New Construction, and will report directly to President and CEO Morton S. Bouchard III.   Prior to joining Bouchard, Mr. Stewart worked as a VP of Production at a shipyard specializing in small to medium sized ocean going vessels in the United States.  Expected delivery for both vessels is first quarter of 2019.

Over the past five years, we have made significant advancements to our fleet, which included the delivery of two state-of-the-art ATB units (M/V Kim M. Bouchard & B. No. 270 and M/V Donna J. Bouchard & B. No. 272), and four ATB Tugs (M/V Evening Star, M/V Denise A. Bouchard, M/V Morton S. Bouchard Jr. and M/V Frederick E. Bouchard).

These Jones Act vessels include the newest modifications to the Intercon and pin system, as well as the most technologically advanced equipment in various spaces that are designed to reduce total emissions, thus ensuring a more eco-friendly fleet.  Continuously maintaining and advancing its equipment has always been our top priority.  Upon making the announcement, President and CEO, Morton S. Bouchard III said,

“I am excited and proud to share the news of these new builds contracted with both VT Halter Marine, Inc. and Bollinger Shipyards, and look forward to furthering our growth by adding another state-of-the-art ATB unit to our fleet. We have a dedicated commitment to our customers and the safety of our operation, and we will continue to lead the market by investing our profits into innovative advancements in order to always operate in the safest and most efficient manner possible.”

*Pictured above: Sister Unit: M/V Evening Star & B. No. 250

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