Safety First, the Only Bouchard Way

We recognize safety as the top priority.  It is the most important service that we can provide our crew, customers and the environment. It is the mission of all Bouchard employees to diligently work to always achieve the following:

  • Maintain the safest working environment possible
  • Achieve zero incidents impacting the environment
  • Achieve zero injuries within the fleet and ashore

To ensure our commitment to safety is met, we maintain compliance with the below safety standards:

  • ISM Code (International Safety Management), which sets the international standard for the safe management and operation of ships as well as for pollution prevention. All 51 vessels are certified compliant with ISM Code, and are evaluated annually.
  • Tanker Management and Self Assessment Program (TMSA2) and Ship Inspection Report Exchange (SIRE) System, administered by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), encourages vessel operators to assess their safety management systems and provides best practice guidelines.
  • ABS inspections on all equipment, annually
  • USCG UTV certification on all tugs
  • USCG inspection on all barges, annually
  • Full OPA-90 compliant
  • 2013 VGP compliant

To further ensure that our Safety Management System is effective, and to verify that all employees and vessels are operating according to regulation and Company policy, we voluntarily vet and evaluate each vessel twice a year.

Additional Safety Measures

We are proud to be recognized with the following commendations for our commitment to safety.


Winner of the Ship Safety Achievement Citation of Merit for keeping with the highest tradition of the sea - aiding those in peril


Winner of American Maritime Safety Inc.’s AMS Tug & Barge Safety Award, recognizing the implementation of outstanding compliance programs that serve to enhance crewmember efficiency and the safe operation of tug and barge vessels in the U.S. coastal waters


Plimsoll Award winner for outstanding service by an organization for the donation of the Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Tug & Barge Simulation Center at SUNY Maritime College


Recipient of 39 Jones F. Devlin Awards from the Chamber of Shipping America (CSA) for operating two full years or more without a crew member losing a full turn at watch because of an occupational injury


36 vessels were honored during the 13th Annual Environmental Achievement Awards


Recipient of 43 Jones F. Devlin Awards from the Chamber of Shipping America (CSA) for operating two full years or more with no lost-time injuries