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The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) Awards Bourhcard with 29 Environmental Achievement Award

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) Announces Recipients of the 2008 Environmental Achievement Awards at a dinner ceremony on November 12, CSA awarded Certificates of Environmental Achievement to 873 vessels owned by fifty-one companies that achieved environmental excellence for at least a two-year period. These vessels operated a total of 5,951 years without incident. One hundred and forty-one of the vessels have logged more than ten years each of environmental excellence. RDML Mary Landry, Director of Governmental and Public Affairs, U.S. Coast Guard participated in the award ceremony.

Joseph J. Cox, President & CEO of CSA said, “These awards celebrate the dedication to environmental excellence of our seafarers and the company personnel shore-side who operate our vessels to the highest standards. In today’s world, it seems our industry only gets front-page news when spills or other environmental problems occur. It is encouraging to see how many vessels go for years achieving environmental excellence. It should be clear to the American public that we in the maritime industry take our stewardship of the marine environment very seriously.”

During prepared remarks, RDML Mary Landry said the Coast Guard was very impressed with the initiative the industry has taken to recognize the environmental achievement of its vessels. She was joined by Timothy Keeney Deputy Administrator of NOAA and Joseph Byrne, MARAD in awarding the certificates.

The awards are open to all owners and operators of vessels that operate on oceans or inland waterways. The CSA Board encourages all operators and owners to take advantage of this opportunity to recognize their crew and shore-side operating personnel and encourage all operators and owners to consider participating in next year’s program.

A list of vessels that received awards is provided below.

Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc.

  • B. No. 255
  • B. No. 265
  • B. No. 275
  • B. No. 285
  • B. No. 295
  • Barbara E. Bouchard
  • Captain Fred Bouchard
  • Evening Mist
  • Evening Tide

Bouchard Coastwise Management Corp.

  • B. No. 215
  • B. No. 220
  • B. No. 225
  • B. No. 235
  • B. No. 240
  • B. No. 245
  • B. No. 80
  • B. No. 230
  • B. No. 242
  • B. No. 280
  • Brendan J. Bouchard
  • J. George Betz
  • Jane A. Bouchard
  • Morton S. Bouchard, IV
  • Robert J. Bouchard
  • Frederick E. Bouchard
  • Marion C. Bouchard
  • Morton S. Bouchard, Jr.
  • Ralph E. Bouchard
  • Rhea I. Bouchard

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